Time Warp Zones

Those of us who grew up during the era that Star Trek was a weekly viewing for the men in the house, we, at least I, was conditioned to understand the idea of a time warp. The time warp was a high-tech way to get to another place and time extremely fast. Those words, “time warp” have become a regular part of my everyday vocabulary.

It’s all too often that I intend to relax with a hot cup of coffee, and then the next I know, I look into my cup and the coffee is gone. “Who drank my coffee?”, would be how how I would respond as I seek ways to joke around with the others in the house. No, but really. What happened to my coffee? It had become very obvious that what I intended to take me 30 minutes to relax and drink that coffee actually felt like 5 minutes, I had entered a time warp zone.

This is what my family calls Walmart – a time warp zone. Have you ever had those days that you walk into Walmart to quickly pick up a few things – something that should have taken 15 minutes – to later realize that you have been in the store for 3 hours?

This kind of thing happens to me way too often. It causes me to stop and think as to whether or not I have made enough time for God. I know that God doesn’t need me, but he desires time with me. And to be honest, it is I who need him. I am so thankful that the time I have spent studying my Bible has been stored up in my heart for times like these.

I just cannot believe how fast Summer goes by. Here, in Canada, school is out for summer vacation for just two months. Back in Texas, we have an entire month of relaxing and getting into a routine before we even plan a vacation. Here, you have to start planning in January and book hotels by March just so that you can take a vacation you can actually afford. It’s insane really. When May comes it all becomes a mad dash to get the kids into school with everything they need.

Then its a sit and wait – wait for winter to make it’s big entrance, dump all its glory all over Canada while freezing our tails off, and then hurry up to prepare for the couple months we can enjoy outside. Don’t get me wrong, I really like Canada. The winters are really not that bad, but I did not grow up in a climate like this. I grew up in Texas, so in some ways I feel like I’ve stored up enough heat to keep me warm. Actually, to be honest, I feel like Canada was Gods remedy for menopause for me. LOL. (I know that LOL is not typical writing etiquette, but how do I laugh out loud in letters. LOL.)

Anyway, Canada is sort of a warp zone all in itself. But I love it, because it is Gods plan for me. Being in Gods will is so sweet and even peaceful despite the typical struggles a family of six might have. God is good, and as long as I take time out to spend with my Lord to store up his ways in my heart, when times get absolutely crazy and time passes by in a lightening speed, I not only have him walking me through it all, I also have his heart within mine.

Go forth and be blessed, my friends.

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Who we are in Christ?

One will never understand who they are in Christ unless they come to truly know who he is. It is necessary to know Christ to know yourself. We can’t fully know who we are unless we know Christ- not know of him, but know him. Knowing Jesus is more than dedicating your life to him. Knowing Jesus is more than obedience. Knowing Jesus embodies a knowing of who, what, where, and why he ever did what he did. Jesus didn’t just die for our sins. That act of bravery, alone, created a bridge for us to reach God. It didn’t give us the understanding we need to truly know who we are in Christ. You will never know who you are in Christ until you truly, fully know who Christ is.

How is it that there are Christians who are alcoholics, struggle with fear and many other types of struggles? While I understand that every person’s journey is different, what we need to always see is some sort of progress in our life. That progress – if not complete healing or even deliverance – should be in the form of learning and growing. Our personal growth is the result of our learning. While we are in the trenches of the battles of this life, never are we to just sit and wait. We are to wait by doing. What does that look like? Our time should look like this: we are to be drawing closer to God through reading our Bibles and through prayer. We are to be seeking God’s fullness.

In essence, we need to learn who Christ is, but we will not learn about who we are in Christ unless we are reading our Bibles and spending time communicating with God. God wants us to talk to him, and then give him the opportunity to say something back. When God speaks to us, it may not be profound, but the experience is. God’s voice brings so much peace and even deliverance. God’s voice brings understanding that we would have never had unless we had taken that time to listen. Sometimes it comes in something like a download of the knowledge we need to change or a path to walk.

So, how do we overcome the trials and tribulations of this world? By communing with God. And in our time of communing with God, we should talk to him about our past and all the hurts in it. Through the Holy Spirit, God is our counselor, and he brings more comfort, more peace, more understanding, and much more direction for life then any other counselor you can make an appointment for. It is not my recommendation to cancel appointments that you already have. The question is this: who do you rely on more? People or God? If you place more faith in people than God, then all you will get is a very watered-down version of what God has to offer you right now. God can do things that people can’t. He is the source of all things that you need whether that be food, money to pay your bills, or even the strength and endurance to accomplish things you never thought possible.

The store got busy fast. I was barely able to find the time to take this photo. Book signing table photo at Chapters in St. Albert, Alberta Canada
My book, “When The One You Love Doesn’t Love You Anymore”, on the shelf at Chapters in St. Albert, Alberta Canada

For example, recently I published my first book. This past Saturday, I had my first book signing, and it was a huge success. My book sales were expressed to be competing with seasoned authors and their own book sales. Now, the fact that I even wrote a book is a miracle all in it’s own, but for it to actually be a success is down-right a miracle of a completely different kind of miracles. It’s huge! I would have never been able to do this without the Lord walking me through it. He surely is my strength to conquer any obstacle standing in my way of fulfilling my purpose in this life.

So, friend, where does your faith lie today?

Go forth and be blessed, my friend.