You are enough

Today, I’m gonna let my Texan out. I’ve learned to communicate through the written word, but I’m going to be blunt with you today. No holding back. So, here it goes.

Let me get just one thing straight with you. You are enough!

Not everybody is going to understand you and why you do the things you do. Your past is a huge part of what makes you who you are.

You may not speak the same language as others, or even the same dialect. You may not speak with an educated thought. You may look different than others; it should be expected. We are all created uniquely in the image of God.

You may have a stutter, have autism, or even down syndrome, but you are enough.

You may have grown up in China, Russia, or even that city at the tip of South America close to Antartica. Your language and your culture, and maybe even poverty, is what makes you different. But you are enough!

You may have been abused as a child that causes you to be downcast and afraid. You may live in fear. But you are enough!

You may have been part of a gang at some point, or even now. You may have committed many crimes. But you are enough!

You may have been through war that prompted you to do things that you never thought you could do, but you are enough!

You are enough, because Jesus says that you are. You are enough that He died for all the things in your life that would be taking you to Hell. You are enough to accept Jesus as your personal Savior. You are enough to be born again.

Once you have been born again, God is the One that does the work in you to change your character. But, still, you must remain willing to let God make those changes. Trust me, the changes that God will make are changes to be thankful for. God will make changes you never felt you could make happen for yourself. Jesus is such an awesome Savior!

Jesus accepts you just as you are, but He requires a willing heart. A willing heart is what makes all the difference. How could Jesus make you clean when you aren’t willing to let him?

How to Know Jesus

I have realized that what others consider a weakness is where my strengths really lie. You see, in whatever ways I am weak, God is strong. This means that the Holy Spirt of God performs in me what is needed. I may not make sense to you, but when God shows up, awesome things happen.

Wherever I think that I am strong is where I am doing things all on my own, instead of God. Its easier to trust God where I am weak rather than where I feel that I am strong.

What alot of us may not realize is that as a follower of Jesus Christ, where we think we are strong is the greatest weakness of all. The parts of us that we believe are strong are the very parts that are the hardest to surrender to Jesus. This mean that God is only partially active in our lives, because we haven’t fully surrendered. We must deny ourselves and surrender fully to God.

Go forth and be blessed my friends.