Are laws meant to control us?

There are laws in this universe; these laws can never be changed. While they are called “laws”, they are , rather, statements that are explaining something for which we all need some sort of understand. For example, Isaac Newton is infamous in his quote, “What goes up must come down”; it is a statement summarizing the Law of Gravitation.

What is interesting about the Law of Gravitation is that there is absolutely nothing that we can do about this, nor is there anything we would want to do to change it; gravity is what holds us on this earth. It keeps us within the earth’s atmosphere, a space that our bodies can not only survive, but thrive. If any of us were to challenge that law and find a way to go upward into space, then we would find ourselves in an atmosphere that our bodies cannot survive, at least not without special equipment. Of course, we all know that mankind has tested gravity and taken this voyage into space, but not without error and human casualty.

The Law of Gravity helps us to understand that if one should jump off a tall building, they will fall to their death. In this scenario, gravity would push their bodies downward toward the ground at such a force that would cause tremendous damage to their frail body. It isn’t anything that any of us would attempt to do without being somehow convinced that this was the only way to go.

Then there are the other laws of physics that are all explanations of concepts that can be difficult for man to understand; these are also unchangeable.

As I read through Romans 2, I am reminded about mankind’s relentless effort to ignore the plea of God to obey His law the very thing put into place to protect us from ourselves and the evil one.

God has relentlessly pursued us to avoid things that we do not understand. One could make assumptions as to how gravity is created, but then one could also ask how God knows everything. Often mankind’s response to this is that if they cannot understand it, and it goes against their own will, then it isn’t true.

How can we approve our own wills against God’s, yet unknowingly approve our own will against humanity. How can one say that it is okay for one to do something and the action causes difficulty for another? How can mankind say that any efforts committed against another, whether voluntary or involuntary, is a crime committed against another, but yet it is done every day. Injustices are committed every day all for the sake of what one person wants. What if we sought the needs of others instead of our own? Yet, remember that we cannot force someone to be nice just as much as we cannot force someone to believe in gravity.

Mankind is inadvertently selfish. It is the ones that choose to seek the needs of others, through a submission of will to the cause and in action, that cause selfishness to fall to the side. But this only takes place in the individual heart, not the masses. Although, some of us understand that influence can play a large part in the change of another.

You see, God [I am referring to the God of Abraham, the One True God] does not seek good just for one, but for all. Mankind has spent thousands of years trying to get along, but they just cannot seem to accomplish it. This is because mankind is seeking the good for themselves and not for ALL.

One might say that there are many who want this or that, but is this for all? MANY does not equal ALL. Also, what makes one human being able to decide the best for ALL? One decision that is considered best for one, or even one million, does not make it best for ALL. The decision made for few would be thrust upon the other billions on this earth, forcing them into bondage. Is this what people really want for mankind, to throw mankind into bondage, a neverending prison sentence? If so, then their talks of peace and choice are futile if they only seek the best for themselves.

God is pre-meditated in this: “for all to come to know him.” To know God is to understand that He knows the past, the present and the future. Because he knows the future, he knows what is best. He knows what will cause mankind to be destroyed. Ultimately, it will be destroyed by it’s own hands.

God does not control the universe, because he had already set in it motion many, many years ago. He only follows the plan that was set out before mankind was created. While he has a determined will for us, he also gave us the freedom of choice – to stand with him or to stand against him.

When we read 2 Peter 3:9 NIV, we can hear the heart of God,

The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.

Patience is something that is quite rare, and, most of the time, patience is developed; typically, people are not born with it. It is a beautiful thing, and is a testament of God’s love for us.

With all of this, I do you believe that God has the intention of good for all, one just has to decide whether he wants it or not.

Today, consider what has been shared in this post. Ask yourself where you stand and what that means for you and your future.

Go forth and be blessed my friend.