Two Deceptions

If you think you know where this world is going, think again.

There is a lot of events taking place right now. So many people are angry about the things they are seeing…..believing they are speaking out against the evil that they currently see. They know that there is much more to each story. I hate to tell you this, but they are even more far off than what they think.

There are at least two deceptions. One is a lie, and the other is Satan’s true will. A lie to keep you from seeing the true deception. The most obvious deception is coming to light for some; they see the lie but don’t see it as one. These individuals are able to use insight to grasp what evil is capable of through an event…but only to give little attention to what’s truly going on that isn’t as easy to see. Two lies. One causes one to think something that is true is a lie, and the other is a lie thats being hidden while they pay attention to the first lie. All the while, both lies are active, but so many people only see the first deception. Are you with me? Do you understand?

Satan is crafty, and we must never believe that we have him caught. He has been fighting this battle much longer than the steps we’ve tread on this earth. We should never believe that we are two steps ahead of him.

The truth of the matter is that the things you see happening are only a small layer of the whole situation. Satan has you busy looking in one place while he sets up his true deception in a completely different place. Satan wants to keep us guessing. There is active lie to keep you looking in the wrong place while Satan has free reighn to set up a different deception somewhere else. One will only deceive you; the other will take your soul.

People are confused. Some things or events are believed to be a deception when it really isn’t. All the while, Satan sets up the true deception. While you are busy paying attention to the lie, Satan is setting up his true will.

Dont fall for it! Satan has set up two deceptions, at least. One is a lie, and the other is his true deception and acts upon his (Satan’s) will to destroy God’s creation.

Be vigilant. Be prayerful. Don’t let your guard down, and especially, do not believe that someone that is doing good is doing it for the right reason. Test the spirits, fore the spirit you believe to be one to fight for the cause of God may have the spirit of the antichrist.

Pray. Study God’s Word. Fast. Give over every thought to the obedience of Christ. Stand up in faith so that you can stand up while under the weight of the world.

Above all things, trust the Lord God Almighty, the One True God who sent his Only Son, the Lord Jesus Christ to die for the sins of many to conquer Hell and then be raised up on the third day victorious and claim the souls of all who would claim him as Lord to then be caught up with Him in the clouds and brought into the Supper of the Lamb of God who was slain.

Read God’s Word, and remember that the devils cannot proclaim Jesus as the Son of God and conquered Hell. They know that they would be punished by Satan for doing so.

May God walk with you in these days. Go forth and be blessed, my friend.

I’m speechless, but not

This morning, I can identify with Jonah – a man who refused to leave his home and go to warn the Ninevites to turn against their wicked ways and repent to the one true God.

Even though I don’t know what it was like to be Jonah, I can understand why he would not want to go. Something deep inside him said that it wasn’t worth it, because these people would not listen. These people had their own truth. They thought that they knew who the true god was. It took a man being vomited out of the belly of a fish (their god) for them to take heed.

Is there really anybody out there left that seeks for the truth even if it changes their mind about what they previously believed? Who here truly sees God – his character, his ways, his words. Whose heart is soft enough to accept the real truth and experience the love of God in Christ Jesus? Is there anyone left?

I’ve also recently been reminded about the account of Lot and the signifance it has for us today. What if he had ignored the angels? Obviously, his family loved Sodom, but what we want and love is not necessarily good for us. Lots wife turned into a pillar of salt for looking back. This is all a representation of how important it is to be aware of our sin and to turn from it.

No doubt. We are living not only with the spirit of the anti-Christ but also with the spirit of the Pharaseas. We live in a day when it is offensive to warn someone of danger or deceit.

People want to believe what they believe even if it could be a lie. What they believe is also what they think will keep them in comfort.

Following God can be difficult at tims, but it can also be very easy. But, my friends, despite a virus and the threat of war, we are living in a new spiritual age. In this age, we wage war in the spirit like never before. What we once only battled in the spirit is now being manifested in the physical.

There was a time when people could agree to disagree. Now people try to shut your mouth as if you are not allowed to speak from your own heart, yet they are.

In this age, people don’t want to know the truth about God, because they don’t want to be aware of their own sin. They are comfortable with their gods, but what they do not realize is that one day their god will demand more than they want to give. Satan never demands little. Satan never gives mercy, especially grace, but he will cause you to believe it.

Satan is an imitator of God who seeks his own revenge toward the One True God by snatching up his creation – mankind. Satan hates God, because he wants to be God.

To my fellow followers of Christ, be prayerful about what you do being sure not to greave the Holy Spirit. Don’t break the law when it’s given to you. Be discerning of false teachers and prophets. Don’t fall for anything that goes against God’s Word in its entirety. Many are using God’s Word to justify their actions. Set yourself on the course to understand the WHOLE WORD OF GOD. Not any one verse is meant to be alone in its meaning. Their will be other parts of Scripture that will confirm the true meaning. Nothing should be taken out of context.

Be sure to ready yourself to give an account for the reason why you believe what you believe, and set yourself up to be blameless before God.

And above all else, pray for your fellow followers of Jesus Christ.

Go forth and be blessed, my friend.