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A true story about a young, single mother with the odds stacked against her to ever overcome life’s unbearable circumstances and finding true love, but one day everything changed. She found what she was looking for all her life in a place she never thought.  In this compelling story about Cynthia’s difficult circumstances, she shares what she learned along the way and how her efforts led to finding her true love and what it would take to keep it.  It would be her faith that would set the path for change and lead her into her promised land – a life of blessing. In this book — When The One You Love Doesn’t Love You Anymore: A Journey of Self-Discovery –she explores some of the often hard questions about life, marriage and divorce and what it took to change the very things that held her back from living a fulfilling life. Her message to you is this: No matter what path you find yourself on, there is hope for a change that can enrich your life more than you can ever imagine.