I await, I await.

Oh Heavenly Father,

oh how the world has changed.

It is nothing like yesterday.

The memory is becoming faint.

What can I do to take hold of you.

To remember how much you are faithful and true.

I remember your promises and how you shared with me your brokenness.

And how you released to me your blessedness.

It was this that saved my life,

that you would bring me out of strife.

I remember your presence so dear,

but now it can seem as if your aren’t near.

But then I remember, how much you shared,

that you would take my greatest fear.

Lord, Lord, I remember how much you stood,

for me when I knew you would.

You have been my rock always standing,

even when my heart couldn’t stand it.

You, Lord, have my heart,

for you were there for me from the start.

I await, my Lord, for you to appear,

for you hold my heart so near.

You are the One, I’ve waited for.

You are much better, than I thought before.

I await. I await. My heart awaits. You are my Savior.

In you alone, I pray I have favor.

I trust you with my life,

because you have daily bare my strife.

You knew me from the beginning,

and then you took me in your house, even though I was sinning.

I await. I await. I know you are near.

I am here, waiting for you to appear, because I know that you are always near.

Go forth and be blessed my friends.

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