It’s an illusion

I’m a realist. I believe in things that are real. This could also cause me to believe only in what I see. I’ve had a hard life. I’ve experienced loss in proportions that most people wouldn’t be able to take. I am most likely the one to say that God doesn’t exist and that miracles don’t happen, especially in the hands of God.

That was me 19 years ago. Today, I cannot and will not say that God does not exist, because saying it would make me a lier. Today, I cannot and will not say that God is not active in our lives and does not perform miracles, because then I would be a lier. I hate lies.

I’m still a realist, but I’m also telling you that God is real. This is why I can say it. I’m talking about the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. A realist only believes in what they can prove.

I hate lies. Lies tear people down, ruin relationships, especially marriages, and, honestly, lies let the devil take what he wants.

I like the truth, because it is the opposite of lies. I am willing to face the truth. So many people don’t want to. If they knew the truth, they would have to face what they don’t want to hear. It can be hard and sometimes more difficult than they think they can handle. Think – is what you think actually a lie. Any idea, thought, or any other belief has to be able to prove itself to be one or the other; it is either a truth or a lie.

The truth is what is real. The truth is not fake. It is never wrong; it is the truth. One might say, well, that is your truth. I disagree. The truth is same yesterday, today, and forever. The truth is the same for everyone, except your truth might look a little different because of a different context. But the truth is the truth no matter who you are.

We are all humans living on Earth, but your truth is that you are a human living on Earth in a small town in the middle of the countryside in a place I’ve never heard. You’re still human, but you live in a place different that the rest of the world with your own differences. Nothing changes your humanity just ad nothing changes the truth.

But even though you may live in a place  that many people don’t know, it doesn’t mean that the place doesn’t exist and that you’re not human. You are just as human as the rest, and you still have the same kind of truth to face. As humans, we all will face the same truth. You don’t get to make truth up. If you try, what you get is an illusion.

No matter what, we all will have to face the truth. Some might be fearful of the truth, but I am here to tell you that the opposite of truth is a lie.

A lie is deception. A lie is nothing but an illusion set up to deceive you into believing something that someone else wants you to believe. That someone has an agenda to cause you to do something  that you should not do. A lie is set up to cause you to harm yourself. A lie will make you believe that you are in control. A lie is everything but the truth. Lies come from Satan but performed through those who serve him.

As a realist, I cannot believe in something that isn’t real. So, if I only believe in something that is real, how can I believe in a God that I cannot see. And, also, how can I believe that an evil exists.

Evil is in control when you believe in nothing. Evil is deceptive and has no mercy. Evil will try to keep you from believing in the One True God. God will let you believe whatever you want; it is your choice to believe whatever you want.

But God still offers mercy. God will not kill you so you can’t make a decision anymore, but Satan will. Once Satan believes that you can’t be used for his schemes, he will get rid of you.

With God, there is always an open door as long as you are still alive. If Satan taks you out, he has taken your choice.

God is mercy, but Satan will control you. God forgives, but Satan takes revenge. Satan will take everything you have, but God will give it back, and more. God will bless you with more than you ask for, but Satan will take more than you want to give.

You can find a lie in many places, but one thing will stand the test of time that will help you test any lie – the Bible. You may be a skeptic, but the Bible can be tested if you have an open mind to prove it wrong. But this is not about the Bible; this is about Jesus. The Bible tells us about Jesus. Jesus is truth.

I can honestly tell you without reservation or doubt that God is active in our lives every minute of our days. He knows everything we are dealing with. The question is this: in what places will you allow him to actually do something? God doesn’t force himself on us like Satan does. As long as you block God from working in your life, you are letting Satan get in those areas, even if you are a Christian. How can you expect God to touch you with healing if you won’t let him in that place? (See Matthew 9) Don’t forget that wherever you won’t let God do his work, you open the door for Satan to do what he wants. Satan is like a cancer; when you let him in one place, he will find a way to get to other areas, unless you close the door to him before he can.

You see, God is about mercy, and he knows what is good for us and what is not. God is not about control. God is about choice. But know this, not every choice is good for us. Satan will let you make a choice too….as long as it serves his agenda. The idea that God does not perform miracles is an illusion; it is a lie. This is an illusion that has been set up by Satan to keep you from believing in God.

Make the choice to close the door to Satan, and ask God to come in and heal. I know He is willing. It may not be exactly as you expect, but God will do his work in you if you let him. The real question is this: Are you willing?

Go forth and be blessed, my friends.

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