We need resurrection

I love this picture that my little boy colored. It depicts joy, and a happy day. I want to be in that picture. I want to be at peace and relax in my Father’s arms. It causes me to think of Heaven. In Jesus’ name, I choose Heaven.

There is a lot going on around us. Most of us now understand that there is good and there is evil. What we are witnessing is a battle of good and evil.

We don’t need to talk about who and what is evil. We need to know what is good. The only thing that we can be certain of is that Jesus is good. Those who have chosen evil have also chosen Hell. If they want it so bad, let them have it.

But Jesus will resurrect and I choose Heaven. I chose Jesus, and Jesus is King. Jesus has power over evil. Jesus has resurrection power. It was witnessed with Lazereth and many others. Blind eyes, deaf ears, arms and legs that don’t move, mental illness, cancer, tumors…..Jesus has the power of resurrection.

It is His destiny to resurrect, and we are told by His very own words that we would not only do what He does, but more. It is not what we will do but what Jesus will do through us.

Seek that resurrection power that is available to us through Jesus. If we want our countries to be resurrected, we need to pray and fast petitioning God for his resurrection power to heal and deliver the nations. I am human. I was made this way. But Jesus is King.

Even in my human state, I can petition God, because God is my Father and Jesus is my brother and friend. Repentance sets me right with God. Do this. And let’s join together, North America, and petition God for a full resurrection of these two nations, in Jesus’ name.

We can try to control whatever is going on around us, but it is in the spirit realm that we make a true difference. Jesus is King….nobody else. The government is on His shoulders. It is through Jesus that nations be resurrected. Jesus is King!

Go forth and be blessed, my friends.

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