Her head lay low…

This morning, as I pour over Psalms, I am reminded of Esther. Her account is told in the Book of Esther. I am reminded about how God took a young Israelite girl and caused a ruthless King Xerxes to find favor in her.

It was her demeanor and the way she held herself. It was the path that God lay for her.

I especially remember when she was summoned by the leaders of her people to go before King Xerxes, a charge punishable by death. She had to go before her king to save her people from Hamman.

In the movie, she walks in and begins to walk toward the king, head down, humbled posture. As she approaches the king, all is watching as many demand she be executed. But then, King Xerxes raises his sceptor, a sign to let her go. With head down, she is allowed to speak.

Esther requests that if it pleases the king might she prepare a banquet for him. He grants her request.

King Xerxes had a soft spot for Esther. She was humble yet full of knowledge. He was intrigued by the ways she presented herself. She did not adorn herself with gold and things of the world. She presented herself as lowly and with sentiment. Esther did not present herself as one equal to the king but as lower. It was a sign of respect for his position. It was a sign that she cared about how she held herself and how that she would be interpreted before the king. As a result, she found favor with King Xerxes like none other.

Esther reminds me of how we should approach the Lord in our times of prayer and petition. While God answers our prayer under many circumstances, it is our humbleness that softens Gods heart and leads him to do what seems impossible for him to agree to. Esther faced a great challenge to save her people from Hamman, because Hamman was an advisor of the king.

But it was Ethers humbleness that allowed her to approach the king, and it was his love for her that caused him to grant her requests.

It makes me think about how I might approach the Lord. What really touches Gods heart? In light of Esther’s story, what do you think will prick Gods heart to do the unimaginable?

Go forth and be blessed, my friends.

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