Amidst the chaos, He is

The last few weeks, my family has been reading the Book of Job. This morning as I awaken, I began to reflect on those first few chapters and how much Job went through.

In a still small voice, God reminded me that He is here, walking us through it all. God has not been caught unaware. As my husband and I reflect on the past few months, we find substantial evidence of God’s provision.

Before moving to Canada – 7 years ago – God had been giving me messages to “get back to the basics”. Getting back to basics would lead me to learn how to bake bread, how to keep a long term pantry, how to can and freeze extra food, garden, and even how to make a healthy, hearty meal out of little, all things that I really had no clue before.

While this new normal can be difficult, I cannot help but to feel blessed that God has given us this knowledge. This knowledge has led us to make some very wise decisions that places us in a better situation than we would have been.

In my reflections this morning, I was also given a revelation. I’ve heard stories about Wuhan, China and how now, they are actually experiencing Spring outside their windows with birds singing and landing on their window seals for them to be seen and heard; this is unusual for Wuhan as pollution has kept them away. Even in Italy, there are stories of fish surfacing in the canals to be seen by all within view of them. There are signs of health in places that haven’t seen it in a long time.

The message God gave me was that while their is an evil virus amongst us, He is allowing a reset. It is as if the rocks have been crying out for restoration, and God is allowing nature to heal. It is a beautiful gift from God in these perilous times. It reminds me that we are not forgotten. God is with us, and He knows our every need. I’ve always believed that He knew what was best for me, and I trust that He knows what is best for mankind.

This leads me to this question: could it be that while some suffer of the Covid-19, others don’t because of their faith in and submission to God? Or could some of these cases be God’s mercy so that God can reveal his love to them. Every case is different, and it’s not up to me to judge. We shouldn’t really, but it is God’s love for humanity and his provision that I am looking for – evidence that He is working in us all. I’m searching for the beginning of that end time revival that God’s Word speaks of. I know that if I keep searching, I will find it. You never know, I may have already found it.

Keep your eyes on Jesus friends, and this too shall pass, rather quickly I believe.

Go forth and be blessed my friends.

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