The “little things”

This morning, I wake up to a day of rest when their is nothing really to do but spend time with the family. It is a day to sleep in, and yet it is another day that I awaken at 5:30am. In the evenings talking with my husband about how our day went, I mention about how, yet again, I had awaken at 5:30am. There is no need to wake up so early. I could sleep for another hour. Typically, it’s not only that I can’t sleep; often I am presented with a headache or an aching back, all evidence that this body its starting to show its age. Interesting enough, once I get up, I begin to feel better – headache goes away and the back pain subsides as I head towards what I call the “think tank” – a place in our home that I read the Bible, and when things go just right, share some insight from my reading with you.

To my husband, I express my being puzzled about this unusual habit that has somehow developed, but then I know deep down that God must be up to something in those moments.

It’s interesting how so many want to see God do miraculous signs and wonders. I believe that they happen, but I also know that this is what the Pharisees of the Bible required of Jesus as they sought to bait him, and then, before and at the cross, mocked him.

As the chief priests responded in Matthew 27:42-43 NIV,

“He saved others,” they said, “but he can’t save himself! He’s the king of Israel! Let him come down now from the cross, and we will believe in him. He trusts in God. Let God rescue him now if he wants him, for he said, ‘I am the Son of God.’”

As I grow older in my faith, I am coming to realize that the big miraculous signs are for those who truly need it in that form. I have also come to realize that God being in the “little things” is not only a consistent expression of Gods love for me but also his intent to draw me closer to him.

You see, I must be seeking God to see these “little things”, as they are so often called. In actuality, these “little things” are really huge things! As people with a sinful nature, we tend to see things in a different way. Our expectations are different, but when our eyes are open…well, how can we not be amazed by God!

When was the last time you stopped yourself from what you were doing and just said “Wait! This is one of those “little things”? If you pay attention, you will find that these “little things” come way more often than what you may think. They are evidence that God is consistently active in our lives.

To be fully aware when God is working, you must get to know God and what he is not. In hearing from God, it is necessary for you to understand what God would do and what he wouldn’t do. It helps us to expose any counterfeit from Satan sent to cause us to stumble or walk down a wrong path.

It is necessary for us to invite God into our space and make things right with Him before we seek him with any petition. Satan cannot read our minds, but if we say it out loud, you can count on it that he would seek to use it for his benefit.

This is why I ask God to protect our time togethor as sacred ground. I also do this when I need to have discussions with my husband asking God to place a hedge around us so Satan cannot trespass and hear our vulnerabilities. I have experienced this when we have done this and when we have not. Test me in this, we have seen a huge difference, and we had to learn the hard way. Thankfully, God saw it coming and stepped in when it was necessary to do so.

I find that the best way to begin this journey is to pray through Scripture. I like to read my Bible and pray into whatever I am reading. I like to have my Bible open when I am praying too; it is one way that I invite God into my space.

Invite God into your space, seek to notice all the “little things”, and ask God for protection during your vulnerable moments. Well, and when you wake up before your alarm goes off and you cannot sleep – even on holiday – , consider it a gift that you have a quiet house in which to spend time with God, before all the business of the day distracts you. And he doesn’t mind waiting for you to get your coffee! 😁

Go forth and be blessed, my friend.

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