A life worthy – A Prayer

This morning, I decided to share a prayer from my journal in the hope that you will be blessed by it in your own walk with the Lord.

Father, I cannot thank you enough that each day I am given a new day. In each new day, I am given peace, should I choose to accept it.

Your word fills my heart with gladness, because you are faithful. I know that I fall short in this fleshly state of being, but you are there for me to lift me up out of the depression that sometimes seeks to overtake me.

Lord, it is my desire to be like you always standing firm in truth, but this flesh often falls short. Forgive me, Lord, for anything I have done that has not pleased you. If there is anything I have not noticed, please reveal it to me so that I may make things right with you.

Help me to live this life walking the path that you chose for me. In this path, you have been so faithful to always take care of us. Jesus, you saved me from a terrible life 19 years ago, and I just cannot thank you enough. You are my treasure. May I always live a life worthy of your beautiful gift to me.

Go forth and be blessed my friend.

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