Strength in this day

The following was inspiration from this morning’s reading of Ephesians 3. May you be blessed by it.

In a day and time that God seems increasingly far from us, we need to remember that while God is truly with us, evil is also near. In these last 10 years, the evil deeds that come from Satan have increased substantially, because he knows that his time is drawing to a close. God’s Word speaks of it.

Despite the evil that we encounter and the increase of deception that God speaks of that will come in the last days, when we turn to God, we are strengthened. Something to also remember is that God is bigger than anything you encounter.

We are encouraged to live another day to fulfill our calling to love people into the Kindom of Heaven, God’s kingdom. I can rest knowing that despite what takes place around me, God is forever unchanging and faithful even unto death. Jesus, God in the flesh, demonstrated it through his life, his persecution, his death and, most of all, through his resurrection. Jesus didnt leave this earth without making sure that he let it be known that he wasn’t leaving us for good. Jesus came back from the grave not only to fulfill the prophecies about him, but also to demonstrate to us that we are not forgotten.

No matter where you are today or what you are going through, you are not forgotten. Be strengthened by God’s Word and remember that He is forever faithful.

Go forth and be blessed, my friend.

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