Time Warp Zones

Those of us who grew up during the era that Star Trek was a weekly viewing for the men in the house, we, at least I, was conditioned to understand the idea of a time warp. The time warp was a high-tech way to get to another place and time extremely fast. Those words, “time warp” have become a regular part of my everyday vocabulary.

It’s all too often that I intend to relax with a hot cup of coffee, and then the next I know, I look into my cup and the coffee is gone. “Who drank my coffee?”, would be how how I would respond as I seek ways to joke around with the others in the house. No, but really. What happened to my coffee? It had become very obvious that what I intended to take me 30 minutes to relax and drink that coffee actually felt like 5 minutes, I had entered a time warp zone.

This is what my family calls Walmart – a time warp zone. Have you ever had those days that you walk into Walmart to quickly pick up a few things – something that should have taken 15 minutes – to later realize that you have been in the store for 3 hours?

This kind of thing happens to me way too often. It causes me to stop and think as to whether or not I have made enough time for God. I know that God doesn’t need me, but he desires time with me. And to be honest, it is I who need him. I am so thankful that the time I have spent studying my Bible has been stored up in my heart for times like these.

I just cannot believe how fast Summer goes by. Here, in Canada, school is out for summer vacation for just two months. Back in Texas, we have an entire month of relaxing and getting into a routine before we even plan a vacation. Here, you have to start planning in January and book hotels by March just so that you can take a vacation you can actually afford. It’s insane really. When May comes it all becomes a mad dash to get the kids into school with everything they need.

Then its a sit and wait – wait for winter to make it’s big entrance, dump all its glory all over Canada while freezing our tails off, and then hurry up to prepare for the couple months we can enjoy outside. Don’t get me wrong, I really like Canada. The winters are really not that bad, but I did not grow up in a climate like this. I grew up in Texas, so in some ways I feel like I’ve stored up enough heat to keep me warm. Actually, to be honest, I feel like Canada was Gods remedy for menopause for me. LOL. (I know that LOL is not typical writing etiquette, but how do I laugh out loud in letters. LOL.)

Anyway, Canada is sort of a warp zone all in itself. But I love it, because it is Gods plan for me. Being in Gods will is so sweet and even peaceful despite the typical struggles a family of six might have. God is good, and as long as I take time out to spend with my Lord to store up his ways in my heart, when times get absolutely crazy and time passes by in a lightening speed, I not only have him walking me through it all, I also have his heart within mine.

Go forth and be blessed, my friends.

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