When God Says Go

I have to admit that there have been times of my life that I felt like I should stop and go consult the Lord for counsel in something that has come to mind. Looking back, there were a lot of times that nothing materialized in what seemed to be opportunities. Then I would be left disappointed thinking that somehow I was caught up in my flesh in wanting that something and that maybe it wasn’t Gods will for me or the timing was wrong.

But recently, I was presented, yet again, with an opportunity. It felt right, and even my husband agreed, as he has done many times before, and yet I didn’t follow through. This time I entertained that opportunity of blessing and followed it into fruition praying that all would come to a halt if it was something I shouldn’t do. But guess what, I had the privilege to participate in a great blessing that I could have easily missed out on.

It causes me to wonder just how many times I have turned down a blessing all because I didn’t listen to God the first time. As women, we so often place others above our own needs believing that one day the time will come that we get to do something for ourselves. But what if that time is now, and we are ignoring God’s efforts to bless us?

It may mean leaving your kids with their father while you go and spend a much needed week with a friend. You wonder if you might be abandoning your family for doing so. Well, ladies, we have to listen to God in those moments of chaos in our homes when God tells us that we need to treat ourselves and place our families in his capable hands. I know, we can feel guilty and think we are being selfish, but the bottom line is this: what does God think about it?

So, ladies, what is God telling you today that you keep telling yourself you don’t deserve? If it is something you desire that doesn’t go against Gods plan for your life, then move forward and ask God to close the doors that don’t need to be open. Then, you can rest being assured that what your doing is possibly Gods will for you to be blessed in that. But take one moment to ask the Lord what he thinks and set aside all your worries and cares as you wait and listen for him to respond.

Go forth and be blessed, my friend.

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